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Initial ambivalence about the part of Kate on LOST: “I kind of didn’t want it. A dramatic Gilligan’s Island.’ Turns out it was fucking brilliant.” “The show was a rare opportunity but there were ulterior motives. My producer Bryan Burk is always like, ‘MY God, the opportunities you have!I actually said, ‘That seems like a really crap script.’ Because we never saw the entire script, just little pieces. I knew if I did this for five or six years, what it would result in. ’ It frustrates him that they’ve given me this chance to become the next Angelia Jolie [and I haven’t gone after it]. Throughout the 1990s, he traveled, working as a runway model. So, for me, that is a weight.”Josh Holloway was born July 20, 1969 in San Jose, California.

’ I was heaving and sobbing – the kind of sobbing you only see in the movies. They ended up editing it out.” “I summitted Mount Baker, in Washington – it’s almost 11,000 feet – with no ropes, no appropriate gear, and without training, purely on guts and will.

Even after the last half-decade of being LOST’s “Kate,” Eve Lilly seems pretty much as she was when she first got onto the LOST roller-coaster ride. It’s like if you had two [brothers] and had to decide which of them you’d like to [do].” “If I were to tell you that Sandra Miggum and Henry Pickett are dating, would you ever care? ” “They’ve seen that I haven’t picked up on the opportunity to become a big movie star.

People seem to have a problem with her attitude based on the 50-something comments about “What Eve Said,” but she’s very candid and let’s face it, the quotes are out of context and even more importantly, you have to take these things (magazine interviews) with a grain of salt, sometimes a large grain. They’re completely fictional, so you don’t know them. I think they’re starting to be convinced that I’m not full of shit, and this is who I really am.

I was so exhilarated that I started running down at full tilt, treating it like a tobogganing mountain, sliding on my bum.

The next thing I knew, my legs dropped, my upper body went flying forward, and I ended up hanging in a crevasse, like something out of K2. My life is full of the kind of shit.” Don’t be a slave to exercise.

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If you're into it and he's into it and it's legal enough that the police aren't going be involved—then go for it! "As long as you're not doing it to 'know you still got it' or to keep a cord attached in a Break Glass in Case of Emergency situation, it's OK."Nitpicking Him Over Nothing: Don't. "If you really want a family, and the guy cringes when you bring it up, you're not in the same place.